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Turn Around Printed Satchel, $328.80, Marc by Marc Jacobs, shopbop.com; Yellow Oversized Womens Coats on Sale, $160, us.riverisland.com; Louise Pant in Urban Stretch Wool, $110, theory.com; Wagner Booties, $147.50, bellenyc.com; Collection Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater, $198, jcrew.com; Graphic Shield Earrings, lizziefortunato.com

Yellow is the color of sunshine, daffodils and baby duck fluff; it represents warmth and light and basically everything that isn't happening outside right now. Although wearing it, unfortunately, doesn't make the weather warmer—or spring come any faster—it's a much happier way to spend winter than in dark hues alone. There's enough of th ... Read more »

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We all have our go-to products that we can’t live without, all of which make up our everyday looks. Although our must-haves are different based on what works best for our individual skin tones, sensitivities and more, I'm going to walk you through the steps that I swear by, and why. Check out my favorite products and everyday routine below!


Before I apply anything on my face, I make sure to wash my face with a light cleanser. I have sensitive skin and one product that works for me is Cetaphil’s Gentle Skin Cleanser ($10.79). It doesn’t irritate my skin and it doesn’t have a strong scent either so it’s perfect for everyday use for all skin types.

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We all have some bad beauty habits that are embarrassing to confess. Some of us do realize that these are bad but hard to break habits while others simply don’t know what wrong they’re doing. That’s why in this post we’ve gathered some common bad beauty habits and ways to break them.

Here are the 7 bad beauty habits to break:

1. Sleeping with makeup on:

Let’s admit it! we all have slept with makeup on because we’re too lazy and sleepy at night to wash our face. Even if it’s as simple as using a wipe to take off our makeup, it seems like quite the task. The major reason for most skin issues like dull skin, blackheads, pimples and dark under eye circles is all due to sleeping with makeup on. Your skin needs to breathe and heal at night but if you’ve makeup on, it block your ... Read more »

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Take cover in these 7 down coats for winter to chicly brave the cold. With winter fully upon us, it's time to reach for those dreaded down coats that can sometimes be unflattering and uncool. But don’t fret! This season the down coat and its puffy sister get an extreme overhaul with new shapes and cuts making sleek and streamlined options to serve form and function while the snowflakes fall. So bundle up in these totally cozy and chic down coats for winter and stay warm without sacrificing style.


On days where a little goes a long way, a short-cropped style womens down coats is the chicest and coolest option fo ... Read more »

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Today the trend in jeans is wide range of styles and colors. With any model you choose, you will find yourself in impeccable fashion trend. The most significant thing about the jeans is they fit well to you. Well-chosen jeans better fit on full exhalation. If you are perfectly comfortable in jeans, you should try to choose jeans that are number smaller than the one you ware. If they are too tight, you should not be afraid, they should spread over several days. But this rule is not suitable for elastic jeans. Such models should immediately sit perfectly on your figure.

How to select the right women  jeans?

1. If you have flat buttocks and thighs are not too stressed, then you should choose jeans that are baggy down, if you wear high heels they should full cover each heel. When choosing the color of jeans, it is better to choose light color jeans.
2. Full women should choose a dark color and thick denim jeans structure. Despite the fact that most of the ladi ... Read more »

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Decorating your nails with nice and stylish nail art ideas is an art, accessories or additional graphic details. Nail Art is a decorating and painting on the nails. Nail Art ideas is an interesting alternative for the classic one color manicure. Nail arts can be glittery, colorful, for holidays, celebrations, or a modest everyday manicure. There are different colors and different kinds of nail stickers’ whit which you can make your nails to look wonderful. You can paint your nails with stripes, to match your clothes, or on light background –light dots, it all depends from your taste and desire. Nail Art ideas for this summer are the wonderful light colors.

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Women’s denim jacket, although created long ago it was an integral part of the wardrobe of every woman who follows fashion trends and keep up with Texas weather jacket fit perfectly in the wardrobe of every woman land it looks like she is modern and trendy. In the upcoming spring summer 2015 season, some designers have decorated their models with metallic elements that help to create more original image. Denim women jacket can be short or long, with short or long sleeves, with pockets and various items. The denim jacket, you can create different styles from ordinary to glamorous and extravagant.

Women’s denim jacket can dispose combine perfectly with dresses. No matter if they are max or mini dresses. If you have a beautiful ... Read more »

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Every woman wants to have beautiful hair. Hairstyles can be made with hair of any length. Most intricate hairstyles can be made only on long hair. The hair styles for long hair in 2014 made clear that this is nostalgia for femininity and romance.Most popular hairstyle for long hair in season 2014 is curly. When a thickness of the curls is considered stylists don’t limit the important thing is the hair should look natural and beautiful.  Curly for long hair look particularly elegant; this hairstyle is very easy to do. And, of course, it will not leave anyone indifferent! 

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Gearing up for colder weather has a tendency to freak people out, at least in terms of fashion. A lot of us end up thinking we have to leave our taste at the door just because we have to throw on an outer layer, but that’s so not the case! Forever 21 has come out with a killer new collection of coats to covet called The Outerwear Edit, and it will have your last year’s jackets running for the hills.

It’s fabulous for so many reasons, the first being that no item is over $65—no, that’s not a typo! You’re probably used to seeing outerwear price tags that are well into three digits, so it’s such a relief that Forever 21 has us budget-friendly and style-savvy collegiettes in mind. We’ve handpicked the cutest items from the collection that wil ... Read more »

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