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Decorating your nails with nice and stylish nail art ideas is an art, accessories or additional graphic details. Nail Art is a decorating and painting on the nails. Nail Art ideas is an interesting alternative for the classic one color manicure. Nail arts can be glittery, colorful, for holidays, celebrations, or a modest everyday manicure. There are different colors and different kinds of nail stickers’ whit which you can make your nails to look wonderful. You can paint your nails with stripes, to match your clothes, or on light background –light dots, it all depends from your taste and desire. Nail Art ideas for this summer are the wonderful light colors.

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Every woman wants to have beautiful hair. Hairstyles can be made with hair of any length. Most intricate hairstyles can be made only on long hair. The hair styles for long hair in 2014 made clear that this is nostalgia for femininity and romance.Most popular hairstyle for long hair in season 2014 is curly. When a thickness of the curls is considered stylists don’t limit the important thing is the hair should look natural and beautiful.  Curly for long hair look particularly elegant; this hairstyle is very easy to do. And, of course, it will not leave anyone indifferent! 

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