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Culottes are chic, cute, easy and breezy. That’s why they’re perfect for spring. However, not everyone is a fan of them because, to be honest, they can be a little intimidating at first sight. If you don’t know what culottes are, they’re basically like a hybrid between pants and a skirt. They’re the perfect alternative to both if you want the convenience of pants and the soft look of skirts. This season, culottes will be everywhere as they are one of the biggest trends. Here are some ideas on ways to wear culottes for spring if you’re thinking on getting in on the trend. 

  • SEXY – culottes tend to cover up lots of skin but if spring gets a little too hot in your area, you can always make up for it by pairing up your culottes with a sexy top like a crop top or an off the shoulder top. Don’t worry about looking too racy. The conservative vibe of culottes is sure to balance out the sexy look from your top.

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During our time together, dear reader, we’ve come to know a few things about you: You love affordable price points just as much as we do, and you have a soft spot for the cool-meets-sexy brand Reformation. So naturally, when we heard Jude Al-Khalil, the former COO of Reformation, was launching a budget-friendly bikini line named Bikyni, we couldn’t wait to share the news. The suits blend a minimalist aesthetic with fashion-forward details, and we’re betting they’re going be quite well received among the fashion crowd.

1. Bikyni The Bandeau Bikini Tops & Bottoms ($100)

2. Bikyni The Crop Top ($50) and The Bikini Bottoms ($50)

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It can be hard to find a dress that really looks great on you after 40 when your waist is thicker and your tummy a little blubbery.
I like to visit vilanya online shop, because you can browse styles according to your body type. Here are a few good dresses I found that are age appropriate and will suit your particular shape.

1. Sheath

This Maggy London stretch print bodycon midi dress would go great from work with some heels to even weekend casual with some flats.

2. Pear Shape

If you are bigger on the bottom than top, this red wra ... Read more »

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The little black dress… It’s a girl’s best friend! Loyal and true it comes to the rescue when you’re not sure what to wear.
Always right, this classic wardrobe staple, makes you look instantly chic and never goes out of style.
If you don’t own one or feel fabulous in the one you’ve been wearing, then it’s time to buy a new one.

1. Look for a Dress with a Touch of Sizzle
The beauty of the ‘Little Black Dress’ lies in its simplicity; so make sure the one you choose has clean lines, not a lot of fussiness and frou frou. Do, be sure however, that your dress has a touch of sexiness, like elegant slit up the side, a deep V neck or back, a lacy hemline or some sheer netting a ... Read more »

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Hey my favorite ladies! I’m always here to inspire you and to awaken you creativity. For today, I have a collection of 10 beautiful outfits for every occasion. Are you excited?

All of the outfits that you are going to see here are stunning and perfectly matched. I felt in love with them and I can’t decide yet which one is my favorite. Check them out and feel free to copy the look that you like the most! Enjoy and have fun!

1. Beautiful floral dress and yellow bag to wear this spring

2. Elegant outfit for your next special event – The belt looks very nice on the jumpsuit – I like it a lot!

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Dear girls spring officially begins, and you still haven’t decided what new trends you will want to try for your style of clothing? We have prepared for you today modern and chic t shirt designs that you can do it yourself at home conditions and using your old fashioned t-shirts that you probably have throw it away. These interesting tips will show you how to create a t-shirt with short sleeve kimono and will be a real fashion hit for this spring / summer. With a little accessories and some new materials you can completely refresh your old t-shirt and the will look like new. Just see below they are great and very easy, excellent in combination with jeans, shorts, skirts e.t.c. If you do not have a proper idea of ​​how to make a trendy t shirts for women See our images gallery below, and select the best for you. Enjoy.


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You might not be headed for the coast this spring, but with summer just around the corner, there’s no better time to start scoping out some fabulous swimwear boutique bathing suits. These 15 suits will have you ready to hit the beach in style on opening day at your favorite seaside escape.

1. Swim Sexy Junglebook Underwire Bikini ($78): If you’re a fan of prints, this is one you have to try. Tribal-inspired with a funky twist, this suit feels truly like a one-of-a-kind.

2. Rovin Lawley Lost Road Multi Fit Tank ($150): This scenic suit has bombshell written all over it. The throwback style is unexpected and ... Read more »

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Your college graduation is the culmination of the four (or five, even more) years you spent burning the university midnight oil. In effect, this is the time when you need to look your ultimate best. Be the trendsetter that you are as you get your diploma with these graduation fashion tips.
You Can Never Go Wrong in a Black Dress
Of all the colors (and dresses), nothing else comes close to the classic black dress. After all, it comes with a color that is slimming and flattering to any size, shape, or color. But since it is your college march, go with the unconventional graduation fashion tips of choosing a ‘unique’ black dress. That means choosing dresses with cutouts (in conservative areas,) unique textures, or chic tailoring.

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The days are getting warmer and longer, signifying the glorious and long-awaited start of spring—and more specifically, the start of spring break. Get ready to take off the snow boots and parkas and slip into a pretty little dress. Want to hear even more music to your ears? These flirty frocks are all affordable too!

1. J.O.A. Feminine Safari Dresses for Short Women ($98) in Black
No time like the present to break out the tropical prints!

2. Reformation Caroline Dress ($98) in Florid
If you’re going for casual with a touch of allure, this is your dress.

3. RES Denim Baden Dr ... Read more »

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One of the most challenging things about being a working woman (well, maybe not the most challenging, but perhaps the most frequent) is this ongoing query: Do I need to go home and change before my after-work plans? If you've never asked yourself this question, you're likely among the lucky minority—but for the rest of us, the struggle is real.

The weekend seems like the perfect time to end this battle forever—there's ample time to go through your closet, plan, and dream up the versatile outfits that will soon not only populate your work life but also work in just about every other situation. A little inspiration doesn't hurt either, so we've found 5 great blogger looks that will help you achieve these sartorial, professional, and social goals. 

1. Blair Eadie of Atlantic Pacific

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