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Hacks To Improve Your Fashion Comfort

Your skirt is twisted, your heels are killing you, and your bra’s underwire is just cutting into your skin. What’s a girl to do? I’m all about short cuts, hacks, and making things easier for you. I’m here to tell you that in order to look amazing, you don’t need to sacrifice comfort. You have a style all your own and you deserve to rock it the most comfortable way you can. Here are some of my fashion comfort hacks to improve your everyday style. Let me know what you think in the comments. You can thank me later, girls!

Bike Shorts- While wearing a short flowy skirt, it’s easy to underestimate the weather, then a strong breeze blows by and before you know it, your skirt is above your head and you feel exposed. Here’s what you can do: wear bike shorts under your skirts. They save you from exposing too much when you bend down and save you from chaffing on extra humid days. Plus, they’re so comfortable. 

Heel Insoles- There are so many ways to help you when you’ve gotten weary of wearing heels. My favorite go-to is putting gel insoles into my heels. These days, there are plenty of heel insoles to add to your most painful heels. You can also try other hacks like shaving down your heel or stretching your shoe! These are equally as helpful.

Nix The Underwire- If your bra is sincerely frustrating you, go for a bralette. They breathe easier and add that level of comfort we’re all looking for in a bra.

Consider The Weather- When we dress it’s easy for us to forget to check our favorite weather apps to see what we should wear. On hot days, opt for lighter breathable fabrics. When you aren’t feeling skinny jeans because the weather is to sticky, go for a breezy skirt. Wear sneakers or rain shoes when it’s raining. Come on, you’ve got this.

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