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Between the blinged-out Japanese nail art or plaid manicures, there’s no denying that the once simple act of doing your nails is no longer just a means to polish up your look. We’re turning these babies into full-blown masterpieces! This season’s trending look: Jackson Pollock-inspired nails (say whaaat?). They’ll give your neutral mani a literal splash (or twenty) of vibrant color. Just be prepared to get a little messy ;) You can go minimalist with a marble-inspired look or create a faux floral aesthetic without the costly detailing. Either way, this splatter polish technique is your go-to move when it comes to giving your digits a next-level look.

1. Jawbreaker: This mani looks as sweet as candy. Give your digits a whimsical charm with nails inspired by a classic child ... Read more »

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Hey there my lovely divas! I have a collection of 16 bridal hairstyles that you can wear any other day. From the wide collections of wedding buns, updoes, twists, etc., you only need to choose just one or two hair ideas for your big day. That may be a little bit difficult for all of us. However, I’m 100% sure that you have never thought to do a bridal one for your birthday party or some other special event. If you thought that you can only wear this type of hairstyles only on your big day, you are wrong. I searched the Net and I found out that the boards with wedding hairstyles are far more charming than the regular ones and that can be worn to almost any special event. Ok, you don’t need to use sparkly hairpieces or flowers, but you can go with glam bun or braided updo.

Let’s take a look at the gallery below and draw some inspiration. You ... Read more »

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There are those days when you just feel like unleashing your inner wild side. And you need not wait for any event to come up for you to unleash this side of yours. Be spontaneous and ready for any game. Okay, if you are confused at what we are hinting at, then we want you to watch this video tutorial on perfecting dark lips. A step bolder to than the ox-blood lips, this one is sure to make you look WILD.

The first step would be to use a soft bristled toothbrush to remove any dry skin on the lips. You are familiar with the drill. If you aren’t, then let us repeat it one more time on why this is essential. Basically brushing over your lips helps to exfoliate and remove all dead skin cells. Use a deep black liner to outline your lips better and give better definition.

Three minutes into this video and you will have dark and bold blackberr ... Read more »

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Kat (whose hair is featured above) is the story of internships gone right. The proof that when you hustle and make yourself invaluable, your boss will keep you around no matter what. She’s my go-to gal on styling jobs and has been for some time and now she helps out here with editing on the blog as well. She’s also a super talented costume designer and stylist in her own right and, as if that wasn’t enough, she was blessed by the hair gods, so she is now our resident head of hair when we need to do a tutorial. In keeping with our effortless chic mantra, we decided to do a few guides to easy, effortless hair when your short on time, beginning with this double knotted pony tail. I like it because it’s edgy and unexpected, but still feels fresh and pulled together. Here’s how to get the look:

< ... Read more »

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Hey divas! I have 7 step by step summer nail tutorials that will leave you speechless. All of the tutorials that you are going to see here are very easy and quick to copy. You won’t need previous knowledge, skills or techniques, because every picture is broken in a few steps that you should follow. If you have some difficulties, follow the links under the pictures to see the full tutorial.

If you are not into polishing your nails, ask your daughter, mother or a friend to help you. This could be a great time spend for both of you. You will strengthen your communication and your nails will look magnificent. Check these nail tutorials out and try to polish your nails with pineapples, color block, pastel colors etc. Pick the design that will perfectly fit to your outfit. Enjoy and have fun.

1. Beautiful Gold Leaf Manicure Idea 

... Read more »

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Is your complexion as dreary as the winter weather? Get glowing again with these expert tips.

We get it: Winter can suck the glow right out of your skin. But that's no excuse to settle for dull skin. That's where highlighter comes in. Applied correctly, highlighter can give you luminous, radiant skin in practically an instant. Put it on wrong, and you'll look like you're sweating glitter. When walking such a fine line between gorgeous and crazy, it's best to turn to the experts for advice. We promise these tips will help you look like you just chugged a gallon of water and spent the weekend on a juice cleanse (minus the hunger pangs).

Don't Make This Mistake!

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Hey my lovely Divas! I’m always here to show you the latest fashion trends and inspire you. We should all update our wardrobes with some stylish pieces, especially with white, khaki and yellow pieces of clothes. But, what about our hair? We should never go out with a messy hair and you already know that. Even when we are in a hurry, we should put a hat on or do at least a messy bun. If your hair is grassy and you don’t have time to wash it, then you should apply a baby powder in the roots. The powder will give your hair a fresh look.

For today, I have made you an amazing collection of 16 super easy hairstyle tutorials to try now. You will need 3 to 5 minutes for each one and you won’t need any special materials, skills or techniques to achieve them. If you are tired of the simple buns and ponytails, then you should definitely take a look at the gallery below. I have selected 16 hairstyle tutorials for every occasion, so that you can pick a hairstyle for wor ... Read more »

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It is a fact that being a woman is not at all easy, but if they follow the right beauty tips and tricks their life could be much more easier. And there are many of them, so today we would like to bring to you some of the best makeup tricks, which you will for sure find really useful. So, go ahead and find out which are the 10 Makeup Tricks Every Woman Must Know, and make sure they are a part of your beauty routine.

1. How to Apply Blush According to Your Face Type
In order to avoid looking like a clown you have to apply blush on your face according to your face type. The following guide is the right one, so find your face type and apply the blush in the right way. Also, the quality of the products, their colors and the brushes you use play an important role when applying the blush like a pro.

2. ... Read more »

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We all have our go-to products that we can’t live without, all of which make up our everyday looks. Although our must-haves are different based on what works best for our individual skin tones, sensitivities and more, I'm going to walk you through the steps that I swear by, and why. Check out my favorite products and everyday routine below!


Before I apply anything on my face, I make sure to wash my face with a light cleanser. I have sensitive skin and one product that works for me is Cetaphil’s Gentle Skin Cleanser ($10.79). It doesn’t irritate my skin and it doesn’t have a strong scent either so it’s perfect for everyday use for all skin types.

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We all have some bad beauty habits that are embarrassing to confess. Some of us do realize that these are bad but hard to break habits while others simply don’t know what wrong they’re doing. That’s why in this post we’ve gathered some common bad beauty habits and ways to break them.

Here are the 7 bad beauty habits to break:

1. Sleeping with makeup on:

Let’s admit it! we all have slept with makeup on because we’re too lazy and sleepy at night to wash our face. Even if it’s as simple as using a wipe to take off our makeup, it seems like quite the task. The major reason for most skin issues like dull skin, blackheads, pimples and dark under eye circles is all due to sleeping with makeup on. Your skin needs to breathe and heal at night but if you’ve makeup on, it block your ... Read more »

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