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Make a Splash This Summer With These Girly Geek Swimsuits

Winter is coming. No wait, that’s Westeros.

This is North America, so summer is coming. That means conventions, barbecues, blockbuster movies, and of course swimming. I’m tired of wearing the same black and white tankini I’ve worn for the last few years. You know what? It’s time for a new look. Time for something that expresses who I am in a swimsuit. It’s time for something geeky!

I’ve gathered some super fun womens bathing suits that will make you feel amazing no matter what your body type. I seriously don’t mind a little flab showing as long as I get to wear that delightful looking Batgirl swimsuit from Black Milk Clothing. I will gleefully jump into a public pool yelling, “I’M BATGIRL!” if my swimsuit has a detachable a cape. And if my boyfriend doesn’t point me out to strangers because he’s so proud of my personal style, well then I guess I’ll just have to find a new boyfriend.

Keep reading for inspiration and where to find some of these creative looks. I’ve discovered that tracking down specific suits can be a little daunting, but with strong Google skills and a good amount of determination, you can find something that’s just right for you.

1. Star Trek: The Next Generation Cheap One Piece Swimsuits - Think Geek
Whether you prefer your uniform blue, yellow, or red, these one piece suits will have you setting phasers for fun!

2. Skirty Superhero Swimsuits
These cutsie bikinis come with adorable skirts for a more feminine look. They are made to your measurements and are available in the styles of Black Widow, Superman, Captain America, and Harley Quinn.

3. Batgirl Cape Swimsuit
OMG you guys it comes with a cape! A CAPE! If there ever was a swimsuit that would make me want to take a flying leap into a swimming pool, it's this one.

4. Sailor Moon Bikini
In the name of Summer, I will punish you! If only this was available for the other sailor scouts.

5. Poison Ivy Bombshell Cheap Bikinis - Hot Topic
Whether you're into Poison Ivy or not, you gotta admit that this two-piece would make any woman feel like a Vined Vixen.

6. Wonder Woman Monokini
Pinup Girl Clothing offers a wide array of vintage style swimwear for women of all sizes. They have a few variations on Wonder Woman as well as Batman swim pieces.

7. Rebel Alliance Inspired Bikini - Fit2btiedclothing
Swim leader, standing by! And yes, this Etsy seller offers an Imperial version of this bikini too.

8. Dalek cute one piece swimsuits - Black Milk Clothing
This swimsuit is one of several Doctor Who pieces from Black Milk Clothing. They also have designs for the TARDIS and the 11th Doctor.

9. Harley Quinn Reef Suit - Black Milk Clothing
This is a great long-sleeve suit for gals who enjoy surfing...or just committing crimes around the city.

10. Poke Bikini - VerboomNZ
Pokeball bikini, I choose you!

Be sure to share your favorite finds with us in the comments. Happy swimming!

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