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Who Is Up For Wild Blackberry Lips?

There are those days when you just feel like unleashing your inner wild side. And you need not wait for any event to come up for you to unleash this side of yours. Be spontaneous and ready for any game. Okay, if you are confused at what we are hinting at, then we want you to watch this video tutorial on perfecting dark lips. A step bolder to than the ox-blood lips, this one is sure to make you look WILD.

The first step would be to use a soft bristled toothbrush to remove any dry skin on the lips. You are familiar with the drill. If you aren’t, then let us repeat it one more time on why this is essential. Basically brushing over your lips helps to exfoliate and remove all dead skin cells. Use a deep black liner to outline your lips better and give better definition.

Three minutes into this video and you will have dark and bold blackberry lips.

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